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Frequently Asked Questions - Contact Tracing

Contact tracing enables health authorities to connect with close contacts of individuals who have been exposed to a COVID-19 infected individual and isolate them, helping to break the chain of transmission of the virus. Because some people receive only minor symptoms from COVID-19 this is particularly important to prevent large clusters of cases developing which can quickly put pressure on health services in specific regions.


Managing a COVID-19 contact tracing programme in your organisation is a key way you can mitigate against the risk of a COVID-19 infection seriously impacting your operations. It brings several important benefits:

  • Firstly, you can monitor the health of your organisation and quickly react to any positive COVID-19 cases that should appear - reducing the likelihood of a wider outbreak in your team that severely impacts operations.
  • Secondly - and equally important - a thorough contact tracing and health monitoring programme will provide assurance to suppliers, customers and partners that you are safe to trade with during this period.
  • Finally, your contribution as an individual organisation will help the overall efforts of health authorities to get the pandemic under control and reduce the need for further lockdowns and restrictions on business activity.


Contact tracing is the process of collecting information on all of the people each employee has been in contact with each day. Obviously in large organisations this becomes a task that is near-impossible to manage manually. That is where contact tracing software and apps can help. Contact tracing apps help to automate some of this process of contact tracing collection - allowing workers and businesses to get on with their jobs.

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SaferMe’s contact tracing solution for COVID-19 management is a complete solution that helps cover your business’s contact tracing needs with three key elements:

  1. Daily wellbeing check-in with workers - SaferMe’s app provides a daily prompt to workers for them to fill a short two-question survey that helps you identify anyone who is not fit for work - or has a close contact infected with COVID-19, immediately. This up-to-date information is vital to helping respond to potential cases before they become an issue.
  2. Manual contact tracing information collection - SaferMe enables workers to quickly and easily file notes about contact with workers outside your organisation who may not have the SaferMe app. This data collection is vital should someone later test positive.
  3. Automated contact tracing - SaferMe’s mobile location technology enables the background collection of data on worker locations. This data is stored on ISO-certified secure servers and is only accessed in the case where a positive COVID-19 case occurs. In this situation, SaferMe’s technology maps all of the other workers whom the infected individual has had contact with in the relevant time period, enabling these workers to be notified and self-isolated to prevent further spread. The automation of this process saves workers significant amounts of time in noting all internal contacts they have on a day-to-day basis and enables your organisation to react with speed to any cases of the virus.

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