Six essential resources for your return to work plan

Ensuring a safe return to business operations with the Covid-19 coronavirus remaining a threat requires a variety of new and previously considered measures.

To help you improve your return to work plan and compare it to industry standards and assess legal requirements, we’ve gathered important business resources - including practical templates from organizations such as the CDC and OSHA, as well as legal and employer issues from a prominent law firm in the space.

At SaferMe we are following all the relevant guidance from authorities and delivering our contact tracing and daily wellbeing / health screening solution to companies across the Americas and the world. We are also in ongoing dialogue with the Ministry of Health in New Zealand, which has led one of the most successful responses to the pandemic. The New Zealand Government is behind our solution and is funding it for New Zealand businesses.

1. CDC Return to Work Toolkit

The Center for Disease Control has released a comprehensive toolkit for resuming business operations while the risk of Covid-19 remains. This includes checklists for your hygiene and social distancing practices, as well as general health and safety guidelines.

Download the guidelines

2. Daily Safety Checklist for Employees

Covid-19 has brought about significant upheaval in our lives, including the way we work. “A new normal” is the term many are using, and to help your workers get used to what is expected in this ‘new normal’ when working, this checklist of daily routines for workers from EHS Today Magazine is a helpful and practical tool.

3. List of protective controls based on worker risk

How do you decide which Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other safety measures are appropriate for workers in the context of your business? OSHA has published a helpful guide so you can categorize the risk level of your staff and see which equipment and protocols are suited to your team.

Download the guide

4. Business Contact Tracing Guide

Contact tracing solutions for businesses help to log contact between coworkers so if someone gets unwell, those who have been exposed to that person can be notified and isolated quickly, as recommended by the CDC. This is becoming a legal requirement in some states and SaferMe has an automated solution to help your business with this. Watch our introduction video below and read detailed overview of business contact tracing here.

5. Legal and Human Resources Guide to Return to Work issues

Working from home, risk of virus exposure, changes to employment contracts, redundancies? A whole host of common employment and legal issues have arisen due to the coronavirus. Law firm Squire Patton Boggs which has 14 U.S. offices (plus offices in a further 18 countries) has published a helpful guide to help answer some of these questions so you are prepared for the issues you may encounter as you return to work.

Download the guide

6. Daily Wellbeing / Symptom Screening Form

Daily wellbeing checks are a great tool to help capture any unwell employees before they come to work, and to notify key staff of the illness in realtime. SaferMe’s mobile solution for daily symptom checking is an easy way to get this data from your team.

We allow you to customize the form to meet your internal guidelines.

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