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An app that automates

A Bluetooth contact tracing app designed to reduce virus transmission, so that you can protect your team.

An anonymous wearable

A Bluetooth wearable that does not need recharging. Built for users that don’t have the app, and the very privacy conscious.

Privacy preserving contact tracing

Privacy-preserving systems

Using the best practice European data standards that contact trace without storing worker location data.

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Understand the three product choices that you can make

1. Use The Apps

A simple choice for businesses that already have a fleet of smartphones with each employee, or an established BYO device policy. The advantage of the SaferMe apps is in the speed of deployment, and the ease of adding new users from a distance.

2. Choose Wearables

Provides you with a very high level of user anonymization, and more accurate data. The SaferMe wearable does not need recharging, and Bluetooth beacons do not need to be installed. The SaferMe wearable is an obvious choice for businesses without a fleet of phones.

3. A Hybrid - Wearables and Apps

High quality and complete contact data plays a critical role in virus suppression. Combine the SaferMe apps in some areas, with wearables elsewhere, to increase the data coverage across your team. Talk to one of our specialists to design your contact tracing rollout.

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Roll-out support drives high adoption

Contact tracing for business is a superior alternative to free public systems, because your business can quickly achieve 80%+ adoption across employees. Your business needs the right data to take precautions, to protect your team from risk and to avoid disruption to operations. Contact tracing is effective, and with SaferMe it's easy.

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