The real-time contact tracing software for your business

The modern contact tracing app that is fast to deploy

Daily symptom reporting

Easily survey your workforce on their symptoms, ensuring healthy team members are dealing with customers.

Contact tracing for business

Communicate symptoms with those you have been in contact with in the past, so you can both take precautions.

Fast rollout to your team

It’s easy to add your team members, so you can see who they have been in contact with in the past.

Hazard Proximity

Get alerted to hazards close by, or when arriving at a new site. Even for hazards you don't know exist.

Data Sharing

Share risk and hazard data across organizational boundaries. Benefit from shared hazard data in real-time.

Proximity based hygiene reminders

Location based prompts to help keep your team safe

The stakes for worker safety have never been higher

SaferMe puts preventative power directly into the hands of your workers, tracking which workers have been in contact in the past, via their mobile device, so you can respond to the safety of your team and customers in real-time

Rapidly deploy effective COVID-19 contact tracing for your business

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