Share risk data with external teams to make everyone safer

Better for everyone

10x the value of your hazard data

Make safety critical data available to other organisations working in the same location, and make everybody safer.

Get alerted to hazards you don't know exist

Your people get alerted to hazards reported by other teams in the area, so they don't have to stumble upon them unprepared.

Everyone wins

Collaborate to implement appropriate controls. Eliminate. Isolate. Minimise. Everybody goes home to their families.

Easy to do. Zero downsides.

Complete control

Share only the data you want to. Sensitive information is kept locked down and cannot be accessed.

Set and forget

Define what data you want to share and with who. Save settings. Forget about it and get to work.

Change anytime

Nothing is set in stone. Change it anytime you choose.

Enhanced safety via data sharing

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