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Manage fatigue to make your people and clients safer every day

A scientifically-backed system for fatigue management

We’ve partnered with Professor Drew Dawson, Director of the Appleton Institute at Central Queensland University, to help individuals recognise the likelihood of them making a fatigue-related error on the job.

Key Features

Sleep / Wake +

Your people self assess in the field based on sleep patterns. Managers are alerted and can manage risk across the team.

Karolinska Scale

Additional subjective assessment step to cover-off the other causes of work-related fatigue your people may face.

Fatigue Alerts

Get alerts when your people submit Fatigue assessments and support those at increased risk.

Fatigue Analytics

Daily monitoring of critical fatigue metrics across your entire team enables you to identify trends, training needs, and precisely manage busy periods to maximise productivity and minimise risk. If you can't measure it, you can't manage it.

Start your fatigue management journey today

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