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Situational awareness is a critical safety capability

Hazard Promimety

Intelligent software that's designed to make you safer

If you are aware of the risks you are exposed to, you can manage them. If you aren't, you can't. It's that simple. SaferMe alerts your people when they approach a hazard so that they can deal with it. Whether it's a hazard reported by your own team, a contractor or other external business, or even machine data like fire alerts- knowing the risk exists makes all the difference.

SaferMe alerts people to hazards you share with them

Manage all the hazards your people face in the wild

Static Hazards

Those hazards that remain in one place and need to be dealt with in situ.

Dynamic Hazards

Where the hazard location, likelihood, or severity is highly changeable.

Hazardous Substances

Substances that are a risk to those handling them, and those close by.

Hazardous Terrain

Complex terrain is a hazard that can stretch for thousands of km.

Weather + Geological

Lightning, wind, rain, landslides, flooding, earthquakes.

Other workers

Other companies performing tasks that can represent a risk to your people.

Alert your people to danger

News: Winner of New Product of the Year in OH&S Magazine USA