A safety system tailored to your business is better than one that isn't.

Create forms to do anything

From Audits, Hazards, or Incident Reports, to Vehicle Checks, Toolbox Talks, Inductions, or Certs. Literally anything at all. If your needs or legislation changes later on, edit the forms as you wish. Create new ones. Create as many as you want. Go wild! We'll even convert your paper forms for you to help get you going.

Get stuff done with Tasks

Create tasks and assign them to people to help resolve issues, and drive action. Manage corrective actions, and close-off items form audits and inspections. Document this activity and use it to improve your processes. Make sure everything gets done, even when you and your people are in different locations.

Custom Workflows

The way you manage a hazard is completely different from how you manage an audit. Design individual processes for each form type to manage reports through to completion.

Alerts in Real-Time

You, your people, and your H&S consultant get alerted when something happens and can take immediate action no matter when you all are.

Admin Visible Fields

You can configure forms so that certain fields are only visible to admin users. This helps protect sensitive information, but also allows you to make everything simpler for your workers.

Export Reports to PDF

Export individual reports to pdf format so they are easy to share with third-parties like customers and other contractors.

Full Data Export

All report data can be exported to csv, so it can be analyzed to identify trends, allowing you and your experts to improve your health & safety management system

Two-way API

Our fully documented API means SaferMe can be integrated with other systems, apps, and data sources.

Safety the way you want it

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