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Use Yammer to help make your workplace safer by showing people where safety risks are in real time


Real time safety reports
inside your Yammer feed

Increase awareness

Just because you’re sitting at your desk, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t know about the risks your works face in real time. People in the office can now connect Yammer with location based reports from people out in the field.

A safer workplace

Found something which needs fixing? Report the problem and the location with ThunderMaps and alert the right team with a Yammer post to help the problem get solved, faster and easier than ever before.

Want to get started?

We use zapier to help send ThunderMaps reports to other apps and automating the tedious tasks in your workflow.
Zapier lets you do that without any complicated coding, and copies your information between ThunderMaps and 500+ other apps.

With workflows called “Zaps”, your location-aware report data can automatically be copied to other apps as it gets submitted, allowing you to trigger notifications, capture contacts and locations, and even make posts to social media. You can also generate reports from other app’s data, so you never have to enter that information manually again.

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