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World leading mobile GIS form tool used by businesses to collect location based information

Manage your location based problems with Zendesk


If you have a need to communicate location specific information on Zendesk tickets, ThunderMaps can help you right now!

More engaged communities

Local governments can use Zendesk as a customer service tool, to collect information from local citizens for resolution. For example, the report of the location of pothole on ThunderMaps, automatically creates a ticket in Zendesk to fix the pothole

A safer workplace

Businesses which use Zendesk for internal help desks can now collect reports about where workplaces risks are, and automatically create a ticket in Zendesk to help get the risk removed from the workplace before accidents happen

Want to get started?

We use zapier to help send ThunderMaps reports to other apps and automating the tedious tasks in your workflow.
Zapier lets you do that without any complicated coding, and copies your information between ThunderMaps and 500+ other apps.

With workflows called “Zaps”, your location-aware report data can automatically be copied to other apps as it gets submitted, allowing you to trigger notifications, capture contacts and locations, and even make posts to social media. You can also generate reports from other app’s data, so you never have to enter that information manually again.

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