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Understand the true risk of a situation

A knife sitting on a kitchen bench is not dangerous until it's picked up by a manic two year old. Risk changes depending on a range of factors. When combined with a persons proximity to a risk, their role specific training, and objects state we get a true sense of ow dangerous a situation is

The smartest safety sensors

Our smart safety sensors give you and understand of the risks posed by an object at any time

On / Off Sensor

Understand when you are working with live equipment

Temperature sensors

Want to understand how hot the work environment is and alert someone when they need to re hydrate. We can do that.

Movement Sensor

A moving vehicle or convener belt is more dangerous than a stationary one. Get altered when something is moving

Pressure sensors

Digialises pressure sensors in your worklpace and get alltered when a situation turns hazardous

Mositure Sensor

Moisture Sensor

Toxic Gas sensor

From CO2 to NXO we can alert you when levels of toxic gasses are increasing in your work environement

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News: Winner of New Product of the Year in OH&S Magazine USA