Complete site inductions in seconds

Our QR code site induction software allows your employees, contractors and visitors to easily access site information. 

The most efficient way to scan on site

Eliminate paper inductions

Throw away your clipboard. Inductions can be easily accessed through you smartphone.

No app needed

This form is completed online so your contractors don't have to have the SaferMe app.

Display your QR code anywhere

Attach the QR code to your hazard board or at every site entrance.

Hazard Board

Your inductions, your way

Our forms are 100% customisable

Use our drag and drop editor to create a form that meets the needs of your business.

Need to change induction information?

Make live changes to your induction and the QR code will update to match.

Ongoing customer support

Our team provides around the clock support to help you manage your inductions.

Register for a free QR code today

News: Winner of New Product of the Year in OH&S Magazine USA
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