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Chosen by the New Zealand Government

Made free for all New Zealand businesses by the MBIE COVID-19 Fund

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Measure the contact history between your employees with a mobile app

Step 1: Implement the SaferMe app

It’s easy to add your team members, so their managers can see who they have been in contact with in the past.

Step 2: Log employee contacts

Seamlessly combine bluetooth enabled contact logging, with manual contact logging for each team member.

Step 3: Protect your team

When a symptom report comes in, you can now alert the right employees to immediately take precautions.

Join the thousands of businesses that are using SaferMe to manage the virus

Protect your workers so you can maintain business operations

SaferMe puts a preventative app directly into the hands of your workers, automatically logging worker contact information without sharing their location with your business. This helps your company respond quickly to symptoms, keeping your team and customers safe so you can maintain business operations.

Covid alerts

Are you ready to protect your business?

News: Winner of New Product of the Year in OH&S Magazine USA