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The Rapid Virus Testing Program For Schools

Use the Award-Winning Covid Management Service Designed for US Schools

Outside of school

Chosen by US Education providers to keep their students and staff safe

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Award Winning Virus Protection System

Put in place a targeted program of testing to suppress the spread of Covid-19

Kids positive for covid

Targeted approach

SaferMe helps you use data so your school can know which students and staff need to be tested the most often, so you can take precautions efficiently.

Vaccinate and log

Escalate when needed

By combining rapid testing with virus management software, your school can catch an outbreak early and escalate to school wide testing less often

School doors

Get back to school quickly

Test results are delivered rapidly. Know quickly that it's safe to get the doors open again, or to increase precautions and protect your staff and students

US Government Funded

Take advantage of President Biden's $10B school testing plan for Covid-19. Implement the best care available for your students, when you implement an annual school testing plan.

Schools across US

A partnership to deliver safety for schools

SaferMe has partnered with experts to help you manage the full covid lifecycle at school


SaferMe contact tracing

Helping you find out who has been in contact with each other, isolate at-risk students and trigger a retest


Imaware Covid testing

Imaware provides rapid testing for students, on annual or as needed basis, so you can monitor student health

How Virus Management Works

Hand out contact tracing cards

Give each one of your team members state of the art bluetooth contact tracing cards, which register when users come into contact with each other

Sync card data

In the event of a positive covid case, your team can upload their data in just 20 seconds, so that you can respond.

Rapidly respond

Check the easy to use contact tables, to see who has been in contact with each other. Isolate the right people quickly, get them tested, and keep your people safe.

Contact tracing flow

How testing works

We create a plan

Working with your leadership team to develop the best screening protocols + test options tailored to your company

We bring the tests to you

imaware™ organizes on-site testing for your employees, administered by healthcare professionals to maximize accuracy.

You get fast + accurate results

Within 48 hours of arrival at the lab. Employers are also provided with overall trend data* to help you understand the bigger picture.

Put in place a testing program today

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