The KISS approach to safety (with video example)


In English, it’s a little peck on the cheek.

For the staff in our Swedish office, it means something else entirely (don’t Google it at work).

In design? ‘KISS’ is a principle that means ‘keep it simple, stupid’, and this principle has been lacking from health and safety software, and programmes for many years.

Making HSE complex and bureaucratic is one of the biggest reasons why most initiatives fail to engage workers at scale.

This is no secret, of course. British health and safety consultant David Cant (CMIOSH) framed this issue well when he published the below tweet recently: (Our team loved it … 👏David!)

So, if KISS is an important principle for health & safety engagement and success – how do we simplify procedures, make it easy for workers, and encourage hazard reporting – as David suggests we need to?

The Simplest Safety Form you’ve seen

Instead of rabbiting on about theory, let’s get granular and show you how to create the simplest safety form.

When your organisation’s workers are using SaferMe (or your HSE clients in the case of health and safety consultants) you can create the simplest report forms imaginable. We don’t pre-prescribe how your forms must be, with unnecessary fields and stuffy language. We let you make them human.

Our clients have become champions at this. There are even some with report forms that have no fields! (We automatically collect the employee name, ID, the time & date and their location all at the press of one button).

But let’s take a look at creating a simple health and safety report form in SaferMe. In this video (4 mins) you will learn how to create a very simple near-miss form from a blank canvas, add an admin-only investigation section and create a basic workflow and process notifications.

If you want to get a live demo of this and other SaferMe functions with one of our friendly SaferMe experts, just register your details at this link.

Make forms as simple as you like, and set them up in seconds | SaferMe

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