Vaccine Management System For Business

Monitor the vaccine rollout and assure the safety of your employees

Vaccine Management System For Business

Built For World Leading Businesses

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All the information you need at a glance

Simple metrics you need to understand your workforce's exposure to risk

Virus management

Features designed for business use

Daily health survey

Vaccine Passport

Easily view those that can access critical locations, or those that may not need to take pre vaccine precautions.

Access control

Access Control

Integrate the SaferMe API with your access control systems, so that authorised personnel have access

Product of the future

Monitor Vaccine Rollout

As the rollout happens nationally, not all team members will have the vaccine at the same time. Adjust in real-time.

So how does SaferMe work? Watch this video

Understand and manage your virus risk

Roll-out support drives high adoption

SaferMe is in use in over 30 countries and has been rolled out hundreds of times to businesses of all sizes. Our support team will help you rollout and manage adoption.


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News: Winner of New Product of the Year in OH&S Magazine USA
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