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Let's recap why SaferMe is the most efficient and effective option

Visitor management systems: FAIL

These systems, as a rule, do not create a secure contact table for each employee. Because these systems are fixed-in-place at entry points, and they are not moving with each employee, it is also difficult to automate contact tracing. Responding before a positive result is also difficult. They will however provide lists of visitors and people on site at a given time & date, which will be of minor use. These systems can also lead to a significant amount of false positives.

Bluetooth wearables & beacons: FAIL

If you avoid thinking about the cost and time delay of rolling these out - a significant impediment - bluetooth systems also have other drawbacks. Importantly, bluetooth systems do not cater for manual logging of an employee's "unstructured" contacts, nor do they create a personalised contact record each the employee. There is also risk of the bluetooth system being obsolete quickly. Software by contrast, can be updated remotely without reinstallation costs.

Public contact tracing apps: FAIL

The major issue for a business in relying on the government contact tracing apps (when these do exist) is the inability to get ahead of a positive test result. Government apps release information AFTER confirmation of a virus. This can often take 4-10 days from the first symptom. During this high infection time-period, other employees can be infected too, requiring the whole site to be shut down as a precaution. By contrast, with a solution like SaferMe, team managers can respond early to those with symptoms. You can advise other at risk employees to isolate until after the test result is returned. This reassures employees that a professional process is in place - a system to stop the spread.

Paper & manual form systems: FAIL

Paper. Let's not go there. For large businesses in particular, paper and form based entry systems are very difficult to administer. For businesses that try this, they quickly find a number of problems: team members typically do not comply with filling in forms after the first week; when a suspected COVID-19 case is reported, it's very difficult for the worker's manager to filter and advise the right people to stay home. This slow response leads to reinfection and site shutdowns. Why? With a paper/manual system, when a positive test result comes in, it is common for workers not to come into work at all - despite cleaning and precautions - often sites need to be shut down.

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Why is SaferMe different?

By combining manual contact logging (for outside contractors and visitors) with bluetooth contact logging, you can drastically reduce administration for your employees and respond with speed. Because SaferMe is easy to use, you can respond before a positive test result happens, at the symptom stage.

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