No joke. Paper has to go.

Digital is Easier

No forgetting forms, carrying binders, or finding a pen. Goodbye madness.

Digital is Faster

Open your app, make a report, get back to work. No messing about. 10x faster.

Digital is More Effective

Do we really need a point here? Paper can't do anything. It's dead. Literally.

Your people will love you for it

We focus on the needs of your people, and they want health & safety to be easy. The easier it is, the more they engage. The more they engage, the safer everybody is. It's that simple.

Better in every way imaginable

There is nothing paper does better than digital, except get wet. Paper can't alert you to risk. Paper can't be visible to some people, while invisible to others. And paper can only travel as fast as you can drive. The true cost of paper is that you almost certainly aren't doing safety as well as you can. SaferMe enables your people to make themselves and those around them safer. It allows you to visibly lead your team in this critical area, and communicate in real-time across multiple sites.

Go digital today

News: Winner of New Product of the Year in OH&S Magazine USA
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