Specialists In Proximity Safety Since 2015

Our mission

Mobilize the world's hazard data to make people safer

As missions go we think it's a good one. A ridiculous number of people get sick, injured, or killed every day while trying to make a living. We're working to change this. We believe that emerging technologies will drastically reduce the amount of people that get injured or sick at work, and truly make people safer. So that's what we're here to do. Come join our team, invest in our growth, or work with us to make your own people safer today.

Key people

Clint Van Marrewijk


Clint is our founder and CEO. Before starting SaferMe Clint helped build and successfully exit a financial services company. Clint charts the course for SaferMe and does many things.

Christian Sykes


Christian is focused on our team, product, and revenue. Over the past 16 years he has helped over 300 businesses including Google, Facebook, and Experian use data and technology to grow.

Mike Steere

Co-founder & Key Account Manager

Mike manages the group communications and marketing as well as sitting on the company's Board of Directors. Mike brings focus and energy, pushing the company to continuously improve.

Alina Bochkacheva

Head of Product Design

Responsible for all aspects of our product, from initial user research through to final product design, Alina ensures that we’re 100% focused on solving user problems and making safety easier.

Chris Noldus

Head of Development

Previously CEO of a leading-edge tablet software business, Chris' role is to ensure that SaferMe is engineered to meet the needs of our partners, clients, and users globally.

Sarah Dudley

Head of Customer Success

Oversees the Customer Success team responsible for helping our clients successfully deploy SaferMe technology to make their people safer, reduce safety workload, and drive engagement.

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