About SaferMe

We believe safety data can be mobilized to save thousands of people that needlessly die at work every day


Data & engagement must be utilized

It shouldn’t be like this. The International Labour Organization estimates 340 million workplace accidents occur every year and that 6000 people die each day from workplace accidents and illness. It doesn’t have to be like this – technology can help solve the problem.

How do we play our part?
SaferMe is mobilizing the world’s hazard data to make people safer, driving the digital transformation of safety for businesses.

To build long-term change we’re building the world’s biggest database of hazards. Combined with the SaferMe ‘Safety Bubble’ this is a powerful solution that improves the safety of our users.

Worker engagement in safety is also central to our approach. BY sending proactive alerts about hazards and important safety information, as well as making mobile reporting easy for all types of safety processes – we make safety accessible to all workers.

Our customers want the best safety technology available and they want to show their people the highest possible duty of care. They know that keeping their team safe results in a happier workplace, and can influence levers such as productivity and reputation – which drive shareholder value.

For the whole team at SaferMe, safety means more than compliance. Everything we do is focused on actually improving the safety of the users we serve.

SaferMe Board and Advisors

  • Clint Van Marrewijk
    Managing Director

    Clint is our founder and managing director. He leads our product vision and our sales efforts. Clint is an ex-mechanical engineer and farmer, who somehow ended-up building software for a living. Nowadays he’s also a keen squash player, of mediocre ability.

  • Mike Steere
    Managing Director Europe

    Co-founder of the business, Mike leads SaferMe in Europe. Mike is based in Sweden and spends his days on all aspects of operations. He led a successful €1m+ EC project. His background is in marketing, communications and journalism.

  • Nick
    Nick Gerritsen
    Board Director

    Nick loves BIG ideas – ones that are going to lead to global structural change. Nick is co-founder of NXT Fuels, along with Celsias, and Carbonscape amongst others, and is Chairman of The National Whale Centre Development Trust.

  • Aden
    Aden Forrest
    Board Director

    Aden is an experienced director with significant expertise in cloud-based technology and digital sales and marketing. Aden has a particular passion for business initiation and growth planning. His career history includes establishing and running Salesforce, the world’s number one CRM brand, in Australia and New Zealand, and then heading Marketo, the category leader for marketing automation, in Australia.

  • Bianca Mueller

    Bianca advises SaferMe on international legal contracts, and she is is also a successful business person in her own right. Bianca specialises in Europe to Australasia legal advice, for innovative businesses, with a focus on commercial and international contracts relating to information technology.

  • Stephen Nicholas

    Stephen enjoys helping his clients realise their vision for their enterprise and ultimately ensure their dreams become reality. He has run his own small business, so has an intimate understanding of what people need to do to achieve the optimum from their business.

Learn how technology can keep your people aware of danger

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United Kingdom: +44 20 7193 9657

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