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What makes us different?


Forms, workflows, and alerts designed from scratch to suit your business. One size never fits all, and everyone knows it. A system built for you is just better.

Situational Awareness

Stockpiling hazard reports helps nobody. Mobilize this safety data so your people are more aware of the risks around them, and make smarter decisions.

Hazard Proximity

Get alerts when you approach a hazard, so that you can better mitigate the risk. Even for hazards you don't know exist like lightning, fire, and earthquakes.

Data Sharing

Why would anyone want to silo hazard data? Share your risk information with other companies in real-time and help to make everyone safer.

Offline 4.0

Many apps claim to have offline chops, but few actually do. For us, offline means the user can't even tell if they have connectivity or not. It just works.

Safety Engagement

The biggest challenge in safety is worker engagement. We solve this by considering your people's needs above everything else.

Safety technology that proactively protects people

Compliance isn't the goal, making your people safer is. We make it easy to do both using state-of-the-art mobile technology and a platform with global scale. SaferMe is used in over 30 countries by businesses of all sizes, empowering users to communicate and collaborate around safety.

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SaferMe is for Businesses and H&S Consultants

A big part of what we do is bring your Health & Safety experts right into your day-to-day so you have them on hand when you need them. They get alerted when a new incident, near miss, or hazard is reported and can provide real-time input no matter where you are. They can monitor how you manage your H&S, and provide valuable advice that's on-point to help you constantly evolve your health & safety as a true partner. We make all of this easy so you get maximum value

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