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The award-winning business contact tracing service that’s used in 30 countries

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Get back to work safely with best practice technology

A combined wearable and app contact tracing system to protect your people

An app that automates

A Bluetooth enabled contact tracing app, and daily surveys for your workforce to ensure a healthy team.

A wearable that protects

Bluetooth wearable contact tracing cards, that don’t need to be recharged. Built for users that don’t have the app.

Privacy-preserving systems

Using the best practice European data standards that contact trace without storing worker location data.

So how does SaferMe work? Watch this video

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Understand the three essential functions you need

1. Health Check-ins

A simple customisable health survey, that is easy to complete by employees. By doing health check-ins, you can act when someone reports symptoms or a high risk event, before a significant outbreak occurs.

2. Automatic Logging

Using bluetooth, the app and wearables automatically record close contacts, without ever sharing employee locations. SaferMe's world class solution is available to businesses now, and it is GDPR compliant.

3. Manual Logging

Manual contact logging is critical, but it is easy to overlook. Employees log contacts manually when they meet someone without SaferMe - usually outside suppliers and contractors. This completes each person's contact log.

Are you ready to adopt best practice?

Roll-out support drives high adoption

Contact tracing for business is a superior alternative to free public apps, because your business can quickly achieve 80%+ adoption across employees. Your business needs the right data to take precautions, to protect your team from risk and to avoid disruption to operations.

News: Winner of New Product of the Year in OH&S Magazine USA
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