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Digital Site inspection checklist

Easy to access site inspection checklists to help make your site safe.

Site Checklist with Crane and Facilities

Move beyond just ticking boxes

Paper-based site inspection forms are great when all the boxes are ticked, but let you down when standards are not met. Taking corrective action is a team effort and needs to happen quickly. SaferMe's site inspection checklists help you make sure standards are being met. When they are not, our safety apps help you improve.

iOS & Android Form Apps

Easily accessible site inspection form app

Quick and easy to use

Workers can find their site inspection forms at a press of a button.

Issues resolved

Assign tasks to resolve issues post site inspection and make sure standards are met next time.

Stored securely

We keep a record of all site inspections for future reference.

Drag & drop form editor

Make our site inspection checklist template your own

SaferMe forms are 100% customizable

Use our drag and drop editor to create a form that meets the needs of your business.

Data collected your way

Phone number fields, text areas, image uploads.... you get it right? We have all the fields you need.

You are not alone

Our team provides around the clock support to help you manage and build your site inspection checklistst.

Admin audit trails

Get that compliance monkey off your back

Assign tasks

Need to resolve an issue? Assign a task to another team member and make sure the jobs done.

Approve the work

Assign a responsible person for approving work and send notifications when workers are good to go.

Record everything

Everything recoreded in a form, including approvals, task assignement and completions, is recored in a bullet proof audit trail

Web Forms

Collect data from anyone, anywhere

Sometime people outside your organization must fill out site inspection form too. Non-app users can access a web based form by scanning a QR code with their phone or using a shareable link. Give it a try! Place your smartphone camera over the QR code and fill out the permit to work sample form.

QR code for accessing site safety induction forms

More than just a paper pre-start form

SaferMe's app comes loaded with features to make your team more productive

Successful contact tracing roleout

Ready For Collaboration

Powerful commenting features help you have better safety conversations.

Offline Capability

Online. Offline. Bad-line. SaferMe works no matter what.

Location Aware

Associate form completions with a mark on a map so you know where things happen.

Export to PDF icon

Export to PDF

All forms are downloadable so you can send records to public authorities or outside stakeholders.

Health survey app image

Full Audit Trail

See a record of all forms including comment, task and approval history.

Shareable Links

Access web based forms via a shareable link. Perfect for people without the SaferMe app.

QR code for accessing site safety induction forms

Access webforms via QR code

Make access to forms supper easy for users without the SaferMe app with QR codes.

Bespkoe safety app for clients

Completely Customisable

Use our drag and drop form editor to customize your safety forms for your business.

Workflow Ready

Make action happen with workflow trigger and tasks after forms are submitted.

Start For Free Today

Any safety form you want

Choose from a template and make it your own

Permit to Work Forms

Make sure people are qualified to complete today's tasks

Tool Box Talks

Create and share notes to help engage your team in health and safety discussions.

Task Analysis Form

Ensures all risks and controls are identified

Pre-start Forms

Make sure workers operating machinery are doing everything they can to stay safe

Incident Report Forms

Log all incidents and record how you are improving the safety of your people.

Job Registration Form

Set out the expectations you have of a Subcontractor working on a project, prior to the start of works.

Site Inspection Checklist

Make sure your site is ticking all your safety boxes

Site Induction Forms

Make sure everyone knows the risks when starting work at your site

The Sky's The Limit

We have stacks more templates to get you started quickly or make you own custom digital forms.

Used by organizations that care about making people actually safer.

Parsley Energy
Walter P Maoore
Garage Project
Waikato Regional Council
Department of conservation
Schneider Electric
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Parsley Energy
Walter P Maoore
Garage Project
Waikato Regional Council
Department of conservation
Schneider Electric
Walla Wlaa university logo

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