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Workplace Contact Tracing and Wellness Screening

Features available today

Workplace Contact Tracing and Wellness Screening

Automatic contact logging via phone

Measures distance

Using Bluetooth Low Energy the SaferMe app measures the distance of contacts

Measures duration

SaferMe records the contact time and the cumulative time spent

Measures occurrences

The amount of contact occurrences is also measured

Automatic contact logging via wearable

Our state of the art Bluetooth Low Energy wearable card automatically logs contacts when it's worn by your team. Perfect for when a phone can't be used, or when users don't have email addresses, or for businesses that have very high privacy requirements.

Manually log users that don't have SaferMe

Just press the "red button"

A simple instruction for employees that meet with non SaferMe users

Completing each contact log

Manual logging builds a 100% complete contact table

Fast and easy to fill out

Capture contact with non-SaferMe users more easily than paper

Ready for your guests

Contact tracing visitors like cleaners, contractors and customers is challenging. Businesses should have contact data for these people too. With SaferMe, you can temporarily hand out contact tracing badges to guests. They don't need access to SaferMe. No logins, no fuss.

Workplace Contact Tracing explained in 2 minutes

An easy to access contact table

Easy to filter

Simply filter data by time, duration or distance

Live information

Data from the app is uploaded in real-time so that you have up-to-date information

The right data, nothing more

After 42 days the contact data logs are automatically deleted

Available on iPhone & Android & Web

Available on all major platforms, including web reporting for cases where users don’t have access to the apps. Because when safety is easier and faster, your people will engage more.

Filter data by time and distance

Filter by meeting duration

The duration of each contact is an important metric to filter

Filter by contact distance

Choose CDC guideline 6ft options, or other distances you need to

2nd and 3rd Degree Contact Log Data

Filter and understand this important degree of separation metric

Regular Wellness Screening

Regular check-in reminders for employees

Remind your employees to check-in before work

Customizable check-in forms

Customise the check-in form to include any necessary questions

Instructions for symptomatic employees

Admins are alerted to reports when employees are symptomatic

Other Key Features

Data Export Capability

Easily extract data for further analysis or integrate into target BI systems

Monitor usage

Follow progress with rollout and ensure contact data is being registered

GDPR Compliant

Systems and processes that protect the privacy of your people

SSO Integration

Make signing up and signing in a breeze for your team

API & Integration

Connect via the SaferMe API into your BI or other target systems using our API

QR Code Sign-in

Capture visits from customers or partners with QR codes

Protect your business from virus risk

News: Winner of New Product of the Year in OH&S Magazine USA