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How To Guide: The contact tracing process for business


Contact Tracing for Business explained in 2 minutes

Step 1

Pick your team and give them the tools they need

Put the tool in the hands of the people who are going to be using the tool every day

Your Team

Task 1: Pick your contact tracing team

Usually your HR or health and safety professionals will conduct your contact tracing, as they already deal with similar employee information.

Task 2: Define how they communicate

Ensuring your internal communication protects the privacy of your employees is important, so put clear communication guidelines in place for your team.

Task 3: Give them data access

Your contact tracers will need access to contact log data from your employees, so that when someone is sick they can take action and ringfence the virus.

Step 2

Improve the quality and accessibility of contact log data

If you want to act quickly to prevent one case from infecting a whole department, you will need to keep contact records for all your employees.

The Starting Point: Manual Recording of Contacts

Each business usually starts by asking employees to manually record who they come into contact with. This contact logging process is a useful virus control technique, but it puts a significant burden on employees to manually record every meeting they have - depending on your business this can become unworkable.

The Next Step: Use Contact Tracing Software

A system like SaferMe significantly reduces the burden on your people to manually record all of their contacts. And by combining automatic contact logging with a daily symptom check-in, you can intervene at the symptom stage, before an outbreak gets out of control and interrupts operations and puts your team at risk.

Download the full PDF contact tracing guide

Step 3

Manage a successful rollout

The rollout process of contact tracing software is vital - if you choose SaferMe our team will help you with these steps.

Successful contact tracing roleout

Task 1: Build communication tools

Good rollouts start with clear communication, for example a digital "Back To Work handbook" or simple instructional videos.

Task 2: Train your trainers

Prepare internal experts and external help to ensure you can answer questions quickly. Make sure these people are well trained.

Task 3: Explain the reason why

Be clear about why - that the virus presents an ongoing threat to your business's ability to operate and everyone's safety.

Task 4: Be upfront with concerns

Explain what data is captured. If you use SaferMe, explain that user location data is never stored or captured in any way.

Task 5: Listen to team feedback

As you roll-out your solution, listen to your people. They want to be safe at work, and they will have great feedback.

Task 6: Lead with your actions

When you have your system in place, show your people you can protect them by acting swiftly when symptoms occur.

Step 4

Monitor your triggers and analyze your data

When you are up and running, managing a contact tracing solution like SaferMe is simple.

Contact tracing workflow

Monitor system usage and user status

Adding and subtracting users on the SaferMe platform is easy, and you can monitor which team members are posting daily check-ins.

Act before a positive test

When a report of symptom comes in, the right people are alerted immediately. This is when a contact table is opened and used.

Communicate usage and results

Let your team know about how your contact tracing system is being used, and how you are adjusting your strategy to the conditions.

Step 5

Conducting a contact trace

What happens when a worker tests positive or has virus symptoms?

Contact tracing table

Assess risk

Your tracing team opens the secure web portal, clicks the name of the unwell employee and can see the names and contact details of others that are at risk.

Act quickly

Your team then contacts affected people without delay. Your contact data should be easy to filter based on contact distance and duration, and data type.

Monitor status

The precautions you put in place can be monitored until test results are returned, and the symptoms are confirmed or cleared for the virus.

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