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SolvSafety Ltd

SolvSafety Ltd

Health and Safety Consultant

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Our experienced health and safety experts work with you to identify health and safety gaps. Then we provide solutions with the support, development, and training you need to become a leader in workplace safety. Discover Solv Safety, the team dedicated to making sure your people get home safely.

New to SaferMe? SolvSafety Ltd can get you started

SaferMe is easy to use safety software for smaller businesses. SolvSafety Ltd can help make your switch as smooth as possible

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Meet the team

Linda Browne

Linda Browne

Where can you find us?

SolvSafety Ltd

Bay of Plenty

New Zealand

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  • US  512 846-3011
  • AU  02 5104 6116
  • NZ  09 886 3309
  • EU  +44 20 7193 9657


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