SaferMe for your business

The innovative safety platform that makes its users safer

One of our experts will contact you and give you a free demo and trial setup of the SaferMe safety platform - no strings attached.

Why do we want you to get in touch with us?

We prefer to provide personable and relatable experience to everyone. This means we will ask you for an example of your process, then, we will create this inside of SaferMe for you test.

SaferMe offers:

  • Contact tracing for business
  • Hazard reporting and awareness
  • Fit for work reporting
  • Near miss and incident reporting
  • Safety observations
  • Audits and inspections
  • Fatigue assessment & tracking
  • H&S Consultant client management
  • Toolbox talks

Sales Inquiries Contact:

  • AU  02 5104 6116
  • NZ  09 886 3309

Support Inquiries Contact:



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