Accident Prevention toolbox talk

A simple, 5 minute outline of what to cover in a toolbox talk on Accident Prevention.

This toolbox will cover the causes of accidents, accident prevention in the workplace and the costs of accidents to you.

Why run a Accident Prevention Toolbox Talk?

  • It’s too late to plan for prevention once an accident has occurred
  • People cause accidents; not equipment or other hazards such as chemicals
  • The personal costs of accidents to you or others

Causes of Accidents in The Workplace

  • People who are under the influence of alcohol and drugs
  • People not following instructions
  • People not following the training that they have been given
  • People doing tasks that they are not trained to do e.g., operate plant machinery
  • Unsafe manual handling, loading, stacking, and storing
  • Overloading of workplaces, scaffolding, hoists etc.
  • Use of faulty equipment
  • Incorrect handling or transportation of chemicals
  • Failure to use personal protective equipment PPE
  • Ignoring safety signs, signals, and warning signs
  • Illegal removing of guards and barriers from machinery and tools
  • Directing compressed air at yourself and others
  • Workplace complacency
  • Keep your work area clear – don’t leave tools, equipment and debris laying around

Accident Prevention in The Workplace

  • Do not remove guards or barriers 
  • Follow instructions 
  • Follow your training
  • Do not do any tasks you are not trained for
  • Don’t be under the influence of drugs and alcohol
  • Use your PPE and wear it correctly
  • Do not use faulty equipment
  • Don’t get complacent 
  • Do not overload scaffolding, workplaces, storage, hoists etc.
  • Manual handling should be done correctly and safely 
  • Don’t direct compressed air at yourself or others
  • Keep your work area clear and clean
  • Do not do any tasks that you’re not trained to do
  • Do not handle and transport chemicals if you’re not trained to handle them
  • Obey all warning signals and signs

Personal Costs of Accidents to You or Others

  • Unable to do your job and your hobbies
  • Reduced personal satisfaction, life balance
  • Loss of earnings – leading to potential financial struggles
  • Extra expenses due to permanent disability 

Key takeaways:

  • Your actions can have significant consequences
  • Do not get complacent at work
  • Do not do any tasks you are not trained to do
  • Always follow training and instructions
  • Don’t be under the influence of alcohol and drugs

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