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The only purpose built hybrid solution designed for business

Combine bluetooth wearables with mobile apps to get complete contact coverage

Privacy first solution

100% anonymous data, stored inside a simple waterproof bluetooth card, that does not need to be recharged.

Easy to deploy and maintain

With a 6 month battery life, contact tracing cards make it easy for you to protect employees and visitors.

Cost effective and convenient

Not all employees have high-end smart-phones, or can carry a smart-phone into all areas of your workplace.

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Not all workers have smart phones

The SaferMe wearable makes it easy for your business to deploy contact tracing technology across your workforce, without deploying an app to every single person. The cards record contact automatically with each other, and periodically sync with the SaferMe app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. The cards are specifically designed for contact tracing, with the highest security standards in place.

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Yes. Your business owns your data, and you can take snapshots of this data. SaferMe uses an automatic rolling 42-day deletion schedule for all contact tracing data.

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Yes. All data exchanged between cards, during synchronization and processing is encrypted using AES-128 or better. This includes the use of rolling keys.

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The card contains a Bluetooth Low Energy transceiver with attached antenna and integrated microcontroller. This is used to measure a probabilistic assessment of relative proximity using the Bluetooth Low Energy Received Signal Strength Indication (RSSI) mechanism.

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Yes. If one part of your business needs to use card, say in a manufacturing plant, those employees can use a card. People working in an office environment can use our phone app. This data will appear in one easy to use contact tracing table.

High quality and complete data like this allows you offer complete protection for your team.

It's worth noting that a card and the phone app do not log contact data between each other. Imagine a workplace where office workers and workers on the manufacturing floor frequently come into contact with each other - in this scenario we recommend our card based solution is carried across all employees. 

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Yes. The card is certified for use in the US (FCC Certification), Canada and the EU (CE Certification).

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The Card has dimensions approximately 86mm x 54mm x 4.5mm, and a slot near its top edge that allows attachment of a lanyard.

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For optimum performance cards should be:

  • Worn on the exterior of a person
  • Attached to a lanyard, clip, or pouch with minimal metal fixings
  • Not worn on the hip or in pockets
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Yes, the card is designed to be waterproof and dust proof to standard IP67.

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Cards are supplied in bulk packaging in cartons of up to 50 pcs, with foam inserts. Each card has its serial number and other relevant information laser etched (for durability) on the underside. The serial number is etched both as digits and also as a machine-readable QR Code.

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No. 6 months is the rated card life. Without recharging.

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