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Advanced employee safety

Easier. Faster. Better.

Safety made easier and faster for your people means they'll engage more. Much more.

Situational Awareness

Open the app and you can see the hazards around you on a map, along with controls for dealing with them.

Hazard Proximity

Get alerted to hazards close by, or when arriving at a new site. Even for hazards you don't know exist.

Lightning Alerts

Alerts trigger when you are within dangerous proximity to lightning with amber & red alerts to help you stay safe.

Worker Fatigue

Measure and manage the fatigue of your team at all times. Adjust duties based on each person's risk profile.

Contact Tracing

The virtual safety bubble technology inside SaferMe, lets managers securely understand worker contacts.

We need a revolution in workplace safety, not just change.

We believe that in the future you will never get injured or sick at work, without knowing the risk you are taking first. By contrast to this future world, our workplaces of today are incredibly dangerous. Shockingly so. Our mission is to make this future happen. To actively improve the safety of our users. To reject pointless processes or administration, and instead focus our efforts on user safety directly. Join us.

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News: Winner of New Product of the Year in OH&S Magazine USA
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