Mobile Apps, Branded For You

  • Quick Mobile Reports

    Increase productivity and reporting by reducing the time it takes to make reports

  • Proximity alerts on the move

    Our proximity technology will alert staff when they are close by to a known danger

  • Report Offline

    Without an internet connection you can make reports – uploaded once you are back online

Ospri's branded safety app
Web app location based safety

Seamless Web Integration

  • Health and Safety your way

    Customize what incident information you collect, and how.

  • Oversee your team at a glance

    Easily see current activity with our map interface and color coded pins.

  • Integrate your systems

    Enrich your maps from any existing system or database. Collect new data and automatically update those systems in real time.


  • Government emergency data
    Augment your users’ safety with emergency, natural disaster, fire, police and traffic warnings. Safety does not end at the work gate.

  • Branded for your business
    With your brand you can send a clear message to your people that safety matters, and that you are dedicated to safety.

  • Integrate with your systems
    Your apps can integrate with any existing system. It’s important that you can integrate your risk data as needed.

  • Nearby risks, even offline
    Notify staff when they get close to danger. Use the reports of others to keep everyone safe automatically.

  • Tailored solution
    Branded for you. Build your Health and Safety technology to work exactly the way you need.

  • Multiple platforms
    Access our powerful safety software regardless of whether you are on desktop, or tablet or mobile!

  • Report offline
    Keep your people safe even when they are in offline areas. You can still make reports, receive alerts and download risk data in advance.

  • Effortless access
    Have instant access to past reports with automatic backups to your database. Be notified instantly as new reports come in.

  • Simple to use
    Built for simplicity and speed. Increase productivity by reducing the time it takes to complete the Health and Safety process.