Mobile apps you can rely on

  • Fast Reporting

    Less time making reports on site

  • Proximity Alerting

    Get alerted when you are close to hazards

  • Full Offline Capability

    Works regardless of connectivity

Ospri's branded safety app
Web app location based safety

Seamless Desktop Integration

  • Health & Safety your way

    Fully customisable forms, workflow, & alerts

  • Manage Remotely

    See what your people are doing, and engage

  • Integrate your systems

    Integrate with 600+ other software systems


  • Government Hazard Data
    Users notified of macro hazards like lightning, fire, road accidents. Your team are safer from things you can’t manage.

  • Super Easy to Use
    Your team can log Toolbox Talks, report Incidents, manage Hazards quickly & easily and crack on with their work safely.

  • H&S Consultant Support
    Your H&S Consultant has access and can support you and your people day-to-day to drive real value. Safer everyday.

  • Situational Awareness
    Automatically see the hazards around you wherever you are, and be more aware of your surroundings. Effortless visibility.

  • Data Sharing
    Work closely with other businesses? Easily share risk and other information so that everyone is on the same page.

  • Tasks
    Drive action by creating and assigning tasks for corrective actions, pre-starts, plant & machinery checks. Anything.