Make your safety forms easier, faster, and more effective

Safety form builder

A simple drag-and-drop safety form builder

Use our drag and drop form editor to customize your safety forms for your business. Choose from text fields, date fields, image fields and much more.

Drop and drag form editor

Automate your safety process

Digital is Easier

No forgetting paper forms, carrying binders, or finding a pen.

Digital is Faster

Open your app, make a report, get back to work. No messing about.

Digital is More Effective

Understand what's really going on in the field, easily from your desktop.

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What our customers say

"The contractor forms generated have been superb. I’ve already used the inductions and post contract evaluations and found them to be very user friendly."
Pryors Apparelmaster
"The SaferMe team is fantastic… they have been very helpful, very responsive, it’s really been a pleasure to work with them. It’s been an A+ on that front."
Jim Jacobi
CIO - Walter P Moore

Your people will love you for it

Your people want health & safety to be easy. You want it to be an effective use of time. The easier safety is, the more your people will engage. The more they engage, the safer everybody is. It's that simple.

Safety form app

It's time to make safety easy

There is nothing paper does better than digital, except get wet. Paper can't automatically alert you to risk. Paper can't be visible to some people, while invisible to others. And paper can only travel as fast as you can drive. The true cost of paper is that you almost certainly aren't as safe as you should be. Use SaferMe's form builder to make your people and those around them safer.

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Use the specialist safety form builder today

News: Winner of New Product of the Year in OH&S Magazine USA
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