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Submit site inductions and pre-start checks in seconds

Make health and safety forms easy to access through QR codes displayed anywhere

Construction site with digger and QR codes

Safety in the hands of the people

Eliminate paper inductions

Workers and site visitors can access dynamic hazard information by scanning a QR code with their smartphone camera.

No app needed

QR code forms are accessible to anyone at anytime, without the need for a SaferMe account.

Feel secure on site

Site foremen are kept informed and notified in real time.

Safety indusction via QR code scan at construction site

Off to a safe start

Conduct pre-starts with ease

Attach QR codes to vehicles and mobile plants so drivers can complete checks specific to their vehicle type.

Knowledge as a tool

Include safe use procedures in the QR code forms so drivers can refer back to these at anytime.

Know who is safe on the road

Organisation administrators are notified when a form is submitted and a vehicle is in use.

Truck with large QR code

Start For Free Today

Build any process

SaferMe forms are 100% customisable

Use our drag and drop editor to create a form that meets the needs of your business.

Need to change form information?

Make live changes to your forms inside SaferMe and the QR code form will update to match.

Ongoing support

Our team provides around the clock support to help you manage your SaferMe forms.

Drop and drag form editor

What our customers say

"QR Codes are a great way to remove all the paper based systems for onsite inductions and provide one platform for all people entering your worksite to be aware of the hazards, who is the onsite contact, emergency procedures and ensure HSWA 2015 compliance without the time bound paperwork"
Yvette Steenson
Health & Safety Consultant at Star Safety

Preview an induction form

Scan the QR code

Place your smartphone camera over the QR code and open the form in a browser window.

Complete the induction

Read through the induction information and fill in the fields where required.

Submit the form

Experience the success message. Completed forms will be sent to SaferMe.

QR code for induction scanning

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