Real-time Lightning Alerts.

WeatherHalo data provides users with personalised real-time lightning alerts. Users see their location on the map interface, and have their own “safety bubble” relative to where they are. They will then receive alerts in real time if there is lightning within company stop-work guidelines of where they are working.

Why Weather Safety Data?


Safeguard your workforce

WeatherHalo provides your workforce with powerful personalised lightning alerts to keep them safe from harm while working in the field.

Keep working when you can

WeatherHalo’s accurate, real-time lightning alerts are designed to support your stop-work decisions. With the right information in your hands at the right time, you can minimise downtime and only stop work when it’s necessary, with confidence in the safety of your workforce.

Improve your health and safety engagement

The WeatherHalo app interface is intuitive, easy to use, and modern in look and feel. The drag-and-drop form builder ensures that the app is flexible and can be adapted for other data purposes.

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