SaferMe helps modern H&S consultants improve their service to clients


Effortlessly get closer to clients

SaferMe is an easy-to-use mobile safety platform that helps you get closer to your health and safety clients day-to-day so you can provide greater value and make people safer.

Our mission is to help you succeed in your business and to make our end users – your clients – safer. Partnering with us gives you a modern digital H&S tool to offer your prospective and existing clients and drive this forward.

Having your clients using SaferMe enables real-time audits into their safety performance & lets you engage with them in the app quickly and easily from your iOS / Android device or web browser.

We offer businesses of all sizes an enterprise-level safety experience at a fraction of the cost – with features such as fatigue calculators, data-sharing, offline reporting & more. We’ll save you time and strengthen your offer.

Benefits that improve your service

Save time

Switching from paper or spreadsheets to a simple mobile app will save you and your clients’ time.

Real-time audits

See instantly when clients are using report forms and engage with them quickly & easily.

Digital growth

Grow your revenues & business by offering SaferMe as part of a new package to prospective & existing clients.


"I secured my biggest ever client using SaferMe as part of the deal, and I'm spending less time on admin tasks."



Key Product Features

  • Personal Mobile Hazard Alerts

    SaferMe works proactively to make users safer by alerting them to hazards using the device’s GPS. Datasets like our real-time lightning alerts offer the next level in safety protection

  • H&S Engagement

    Comments, real-time alerts and user analytics help you monitor, measure and maximise your clients’ engagement with health and safety processes

  • Flexible Form Builder

    It’s simple to create report forms for your clients in SaferMe. The flexible builder enables you to create forms for all H&S needs

  • Offline Functionality

    Some key features of SaferMe can even be used in offline mode – meaning we help improve safety no matter where your teams go

  • Data Sharing

    Instantly sharing important safety information between workers, teams and even organisations becomes simple with SaferMe


Dedicated support and training for SaferMe partner programme members.


Coming in 2019:

Recognition and rewards programme for SaferMe H&S Consultant Partners.

Let's make work safer for everyone