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Free Trial

We offer a 14 free trial to small businesses (under 200 staff) via a sign-up form on our website. To access a free trial you are required to enter a credit card.

Users will be sent a reminder that their trial period is ending 7 days from the end of this trial period.

End of trial

At the end of the trial period a user’s credit card will then be charged monthly for access to SaferMe for the amount of users stated on sign-up.

Trial extensions

Trial extension may be granted at the discretion of SaferMe when SaferMe has been unable to connect with a customer to assist with onboarding inside the first 7 days of the 14 day free trial. 

Trial extensions requests must be received 3 days before the initial free trial period ends. To request an extension please email

Cancellation policy

If you do not wish to be charged a subscription fee for SaferMe you must request that your account be canceled whilst in the trial period. To request cancellation when you have completed your evaluation please email

On completion of your trial you will be subscribed to SaferMe and be charged monthly. You can cancel your subscription any time by emailing Your account will be terminated as of the time you request cancellation. No future payments will be taken, or if they are inadvertently, they will be refunded.

Refund policy

SaferMe offers a generous free evaluation period with the ability to extend this further if required. For that reason we do not offer refunds for payments made prior to a cancellation request.

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