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Chosen by the New Zealand Government

Made free for all New Zealand universities by the MBIE COVID-19 Fund

Daily symptom surveys for Students and staff

Easily survey your people on their symptoms to help keep you campus Covid free

Privacy-preserving systems

Using the best practice European data standards that contact trace without storing student locations

1st, 2nd and 3rd degree contact tracing

Easily understand the degrees of separation between contacts, and filter results to try and eliminate spread.

So how does it actually work?

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Understand the three essential functions of SaferMe

1. Daily Check-ins

A simple customisable wellness survey, that is easy to complete daily by student and employees. By doing a check-in before arriving on campus, you can act when someone reports symptoms, to support them, but also to protect others.

2. Automatic Logging

Using bluetooth and GPS location, the apps automatically record close contacts, without ever tracking peoples locations. SaferMe's world class solution is available to universities now and is GDPR compliant.

3. Manual Logging

Manual contact logging is critical, but it is easy to overlook. Universities log close contacts manually with those that do not have SaferMe - usually outside suppliers & contractors. This data completes each person's contact log.

Protect your people and keep your universitiy open

SaferMe puts preventative power directly into the hands of your staff and students, automatically logging contact information without sharing their location with your university at all. This helps you uni respond quickly to symptoms, keeping your team and stuents safe so you can maintain campus operations.

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Roll-out support drives high adoption

SaferMe's contact tracing app can quickly achieve 80%+ adoption, making it a superior alternative to free public apps. SaferMe's worldwide dedicated support team will help your university get students engaged, and tailor your contact tracing rollout to your organization's unique needs.

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