SaferMe is the world leader in data-led and engagement-focused safety for large, complex organisations.

Mobilizing Data: A safer future with a global database of hazards

SaferMe mobilizes hazard data to make people safer. We’re creating the world’s biggest database of shared hazards – so your workers can always be protected from known and developing hazards, wherever they are. Be a part of the future of safety.

Making safety a strategic priority and driver of shareholder value

Our clients know that keeping people safe increases productivity, worker performance and loyalty. Top safety leaders are also using SaferMe and company-branded apps as a differentiator to drive new business. Our team can show you the path to transformation.

The World’s Smartest Safety App

Most safety apps are dumb. They don’t make their users safer! By interrogating our hazard database & sharing real-time hazard information, we use proximity alerting to warn users of danger. SaferMe is the best choice for worker safety whether you need a new mobile interface for old health & safety software, or a whole new system.

Increase Safety Engagement

Research shows a strong link between safety engagement and improved outcomes such as reducing lost-time injuries. To engage workers you need a modern H&S platform which is easy-to-use, saves time, and helps keep the user safe. It needs to engage via team communication and proactive alerts. SaferMe offers all of this and more.