Actually increase the safety of your people by showing the highest possible duty of care.

Machine learning algorithms that warn people before they experience danger

Machine learning can be more than a buzz-word, when it’s used to intelligently interrogate millions of data points for each individual user. Each user receives a software bot designed to hunt for data and put relevant real-time hazard warnings into their hands.

Reduce project delays from safety issues, by engaging people in safety

It’s not okay to provide a clunky “do everything” risk reporting interface – safety communication must be two-way, easy to use and real-time. Our clients know that keeping people safe increases productivity and worker performance, and it all starts with engagement.

Data-led, bottom-up safety

By intelligently interrogating large amounts of historical hazard data and real-time hazard information, each user’s “intelligent agent” works to warn their user before they experience danger. Deliver your people actionable safety warnings at the right time, in the right place.

Drive engagement

Whether you are indoors or outdoors, implement an easy to use safety interface for your people. Connect people together and help them understand that their actions are helping to keep other users safe, sending the right alerts to the right people in the company, in real-time.