Important changes to processing of personal data - privacy policy

1 December 2019 · SaferMe team

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Important changes to processing of personal data & privacy policy
The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enters into force today (May 25). One of the key aims of the GDPR is to protect citizens from privacy and data breaches in an increasingly data-driven world.

ThunderMaps takes seriously our responsibility to safely and properly manage any data you provide and also to ensure you are aware and in control of what information we collect and hold that may relate to you.

In addition to our existing processes we have taken several new measures to ensure that you – our customers and community – feel even more secure about your personal data; and to ensure our processes and systems comply with the specifics of new GDPR legislation.

Some of the main measures include:

    • We’ve updated our Privacy Policy to make sure it is as simple as possible to read and understand. Check it out here

    • We’ve updated our contact database and have implemented new processes to ensure clear and specific consent is sought for communications and personal data processing.

    • We released a new update to our apps (for non-enterprise clients) seeking new consent for processing of personal data to continue to deliver our services to you. This includes simpler and clearer explanations of the data we process and why, and gives you options about use of your data.

    • We have put new Data Processor Addendums in place with our enterprise clients so clear roles, responsibilities and checks are in place with regards to management of the processing of personal data.

  • We communicated all of these changes with our user community and stand ready to provide support or answer any related questions.

We are committed to carefully and respectfully managing personal data so we can continue to provide our services to you. If you have questions or would like to talk with our team further about this, you can reach us on

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