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22 November 2023 · Emma Withers

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Monitoring the activity of employees, contractors and site visitors doesn’t need to be challenging. With SaferMe’s new ‘Sites’ feature, staying on top of the comings and goings of workers is now easier than ever. ‘Sites’ is a user-friendly tool designed to provide Site Managers with real-time visibility into who is present on-site and who is yet to be inducted.

Features and Functionality

  • Site Customisation: Define your site boundaries and record editable site information, like emergency evacuation points and first aiders.
  • Flexible Sign-in: Download a QR code for your site entrance or share a sign-in link with workers.
  • Real-time Monitoring: Stay up-to-date with who has signed in and how long they have been on-site.
  • Record Inductions: Mark which workers have completed their induction and stay on top of those who have not.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive design for hassle-free check-ins that won't trip workers up at the gate.

Benefits of adopting ‘Sites’

  • Enhanced Safety Measures: Real-time monitoring enables swift response in case of emergencies, ensuring everyone's safety.
  • Improved Accountability: Accurate attendance records foster accountability among workers, encouraging punctuality and responsibility.
  • Efficient Workforce Management: Site Managers can optimise resources and schedules by having real-time visibility into workforce presence.

How does sign-in work?

Site Managers and Administrators will download the site QR code or share the sign-in link with workers. After scanning the QR code or opening the link, workers will be prompted to:

  1. Enter in their phone number to receive a text sign-in link 
  2. Open the secure text link
  3. Complete their details in the fields provided to gain access to the site
  4. To sign-out, the worker can simply reload the sign-in success page

What’s coming in next?

Looking ahead to 2024, SaferMe will roll out additional site functionality like mobile app sign-in for SaferMe users and the ability to attach hazards from the risk register to a site.

Want to know more about how how to enable this feature for your organisation? Reach out to our team at

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