Introducing ‘Training’, a one-stop-shop for all safety training records

5 May 2022 · SaferMe team

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Training Records Example

Managing safety training records across your business is challenging. Good training records help assure you that you are managing risks in the workplace. These records also show that you take the safety of your people seriously.

The importance of good training is why we are adding one of our most requested features - Training and Competencies Management.

Safety Training Management made easy

By adding Training and Competencies Management to our health and safety suite you can:
  • Define what training your people need
  • Manage qualifications, certifications, and competencies
  • Log training records
  • Track expiry deadlines for your team members in one place
  • Track progress and change over time

What does it look like?

This update includes an easy-to-understand management dashboard. The dashboard shows admins an instant overview of which training and certifications will expire and when.

Training Records

You can access each training record, upload training attachments, and set custom competency levels.

Configure Competency Levels

Easy oversight of when refresher training is needed will ensure your workers are still following safe work practices.

Learn more about the Training and Competencies Management feature here or click here to book a demo with one of our team

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