Personal realtime lightning alerts to your mobile

1 December 2019 · SaferMe team

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Personal realtime lightning alerts to your mobile

SaferMe is proud to announce a significant advance in lightning safety with the release of world-first personalised realtime lightning alert products.

Download SaferMe for free lightning warnings here:

The products – a global realtime lightning data package which can be plugged into the SaferMe health and safety app platform and a standalone app WeatherHalo with this data included, has been brought to market together with SaferMe’s partner MetService. It further strengthens SaferMe’s advanced safety platform offer for EHS professionals.

See a short preview of the service below:

Lightning safety is an important issue in health and safety for many industries.

According to latest figures, the earth’s surface experiences an average of 45 lightning strikes per second. In peak times, this figure can be as high as four hundred per second. Tragically, it is also estimated that at least 6000 lives are lost each year because of lightning strikes, in addition to almost 240,000 serious injuries.

SaferMe founder Clint Van Marrewijk says the company is excited to release another product that can improve the personal safety of workers across the globe.

“We have the world’s first mobile lightning safety app that displays a “safety bubble” around the user, warning workers of lightning risks in real-time.”

Van Marrewijk says that amongst all types of workplaces, it is those workers in mining, oil and gas, electrical utilities, fencing, and scaffolding who are extremely susceptible to the dangers of lightning.

The app uses a map interface so users are able to see their locations and have their own “safety bubble” relative to where they are. If lightning occurs near their place of work or within the company’s stop-work guidelines, they will receive alerts instantly. The individual-level alerting marks a step forward from the old ‘control-room’ style lightning alert products. It enables companies to improve stop-work decisions while minimising downtime by empowering workers with better knowledge in the field.

Some of the most important features of WeatherHalo and the data package include:
– Personalised lightning alerts to keep the workforce safe from harm while working
– Helps minimise downtime and only stop work when it’s necessary
– The drag-and-drop form builder ensures that the app is flexible and can be adapted for other data purposes

Click here to request a one-on-one demo of the platform with one of SaferMe’s experts in your region today.

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