Proactive US insurer makes sustainable return to the office

30 July 2021 · Mike Steere

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As many businesses return to the office for the first time since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Selective Insurance is taking a proactive lead with its methodical return to the office so the return can be sustained.

Selective Insurance implemented SaferMe’s wearable contact tracing solution at the beginning of its phased return to the office in February 2021. SaferMe provides purpose-built wearable cards that log interaction using an anonymized and secure system to protect worker privacy and enable businesses to stop large COVID clusters from developing by instantly identifying workers who were in contact with other individuals that reported themselves as potentially or actually COVID positive.

Selective Insurance has now renewed its commitment to employees’ health and safety by extending its use of SaferMe’s technology through the next phase of office re-entry, a move that SaferMe CEO Clint Van Marrewijk says needs to be recognized.

“We want to help employees be in their normal place of work as much as possible, and to do so safely. Selective Insurance is an example of what a thorough and thoughtful return to office looks like. They’ve used our technology to help manage a safe return to all of its offices across the U.S. and provide employees peace of mind that reported possible COVID exposures can be tracked and mitigated.”

Van Marrewijk says senior executives and Boards have no excuse to be caught off guard a second time by the virus.

“There are already over 30 variants of the Sars-CoV-2 virus being monitored by global health authorities. To be proactive and prepared for the threat of new variants and seasonal spikes, organizations need to be able to prevent clusters of cases within their workforce.”

About SaferMe

SaferMe has emerged as a global leader in contact tracing solutions for business use. Selected by the New Zealand Government to provide business contact tracing via the MBIE Covid-19 response fund, SaferMe is now operating globally. Founded in Wellington, New Zealand, in 2015; SaferMe opened its US office in Austin, Texas, in early 2020, and has been experiencing strong growth - including among Fortune 500 clients and leading educational institutions. This demand is partly driven by being highlighted by the World Health Organization (WHO) for contact tracing capabilities and winning New Product of the Year in America’s OH&S Magazine Safety Awards.


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