3 factors for a successful rollout of a contact tracing program

28 July 2020 · Leah Fleischner

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3 factors for a successful rollout of a contact tracing program

When it comes to contact tracing, companies have many factors to consider and their employees have even more. We’ve implemented SaferMe’s safety solutions in thousands of organizations. Through our rollouts, we have found that these three A’s: Acknowledge, align and assure are markers of success for a contact tracing solution and an overall safer and more positive workplace environment.

1. Acknowledgement from leadership

In moments of uncertainty, we look to our leaders to lead us. To show us the way. In fact, the famous leadership expert John Maxwell once said: “A leader is one who knows the way goes the way and shows the way." When committing to a contract tracing solution one must lead with that commitment and acknowledge its value consistently throughout the organization. This means that it’s just as important for the CEO to log their daily health screening as it is for the hourly employee. We are all susceptible to the risk of COVID-19  and choosing SaferMe as your contact tracing solution is key to the safety of your workplace environment.

At SaferMe, we recognize the importance of this change of management practices and work closely with your leadership team to adapt our implementation plan to your organization’s culture. 

2. Alignment on communication and use

To receive the most value from SaferMe or any SAAS solution, it is important that a large percentage of employees use the application correctly. Therefore, helping colleagues to understand why they must have the application on their phone AND have their phone on their person at all times is an important part of ensuring a successful implementation. 

Encouraging alignment across all departments and team managers communication plans is crucial. SaferMe offers a variety of customized tool kits that can be adapted to your organization’s messaging and communication processes: 

  • Back-to-work Handbook with SaferMe “Chapter”
  • Stakeholder Email Announcement template
  • Employee Engagement Intranet blurbs
  • FAQs
  • Promotional Materials
  • Feedback surveys
  • Translation and messaging alignment

3. Assurance in privacy and a safe and healthy office

As an employer, your choice in SaferMe is you prioritizing your employee’s safety without sacrificing their privacy. Assuring your employees that their health and privacy are both of the highest importance is a key to a successful implementation. 

Contact tracing is a solution that proactively addresses the potential risk of Covid-19. By using SaferMe your organization can see when an employee is unwell and/or experiencing COVID symptoms and then trace who they have been in contact with. 

The goal of gathering this information is to prevent your employees from getting sick and to be able to keep operations open. It’s important when encouraging your employees to use SaferMe, that you stress both the importance of their safety and their privacy. At SaferMe we rely on trust to function. We adhere to the highest standards of privacy compliance including GDPR and do not passively collect or store employee information. We also encourage specific protocols within an organization to ensure that the data that is collected is only available to a select group of managers. 

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