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1 December 2019 · SaferMe team

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Workplace Health and Safety is a very important yet very harsh and dry subject.

Unlike ‘sexy’ topics like travel, fashion, or food, that by nature provoke positive thoughts, and convey engaging messages, H&S is often associated with negativity. For example recent media comments that H&S laws are outdated, and our  horrific workplace incidents.

It is difficult to write about workplace safety without sounding diplomatic, or even superficial. But there are a few people whom I think have managed to do just the opposite.

They deliver the great blend of wisdom and genuineness, with a dash of humour, and healthy dollop of positivity

Here are the top 5 health and safety blogs where I often come for knowledge and inspiration:

 Safety At Work 

Direct, holistic, and genuine is what you can expect to find in Kevin Johns – an award-winning Australian H&S advocate’s blogpost. Kevin has successfully tackled H&S at both macro and micro level. From convincingly arguing workplace safety as a critical part of bigger business environment’s picture and that it “cannot exist outside social, economic and political contexts” ,to educating business about specific issues of H&S such as suicide prevention, he has successfully done them all.

 Speaking of Safety 

Susan Main, an accomplished Canadian writer, is the mastermind behind Speaking of Safety.  The thing that I love about Susan’s articles is their genuineness. Rather than making strong and forceful claims about how important H&S is (like most people do),  Speaking of Safety is all about story-telling “in the hope of starting conversations that lead to real change“. Because Susan is not a health and safety professional by training, many people (including myself) find her effortless, down-to-earth writing style, and informative series of posts particularly appealing and easy to read.

Safety Risk dot Net

In 2009, Dave Collins started Little did he know, 6 years later this small project of his would become one of the world’s most influential and richest sources of insights and knowledge about H&S – successfully reaching  over 15,000 people per day. might not have the greatest look and feel, but don’t be fooled by its appearance, because the minute you start reading its content (particularly this article, and this one), you’ll be surprised by the level of depth and passion these articles convey.

Knowledge at Work

Want to learn and understand H&S from the best of the best? Knowledge at Work offers a holistic view of workplace safety from experts and practitioners. This site is a one-stop shop for all health and safety matters. From regulatory compliance to safety training, you can expect to find all the related information here.

OHS Online

Whatever you’re looking for, you can most certainly find it at OSH Online. Not only does it keep me updated with the latest news and trends, its blog section offers an excellent range of commentary and expert opinions from health and safety professionals worldwide.  From building and promoting a safety culture at workplace, to the latest technology embraced in H&S. 

There you have it – My top 5 absolute favorite Health and safety blogs.

I am interested in learning about yours too. Please leave a comment below.

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