Contact tracing card now available for New Zealand businesses

8 December 2020 · Shannon Smith

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Contact tracing car

Government-funded contact tracing provider SaferMe has added a wearable contact tracing card for New Zealand business use.

The contact tracing card is about the size of a credit card and is worn on a lanyard or a clip on the shirt, and can be purchased by businesses in batches of 250 or more.

“There are some situations where a phone app is not the ideal contact tracing solution for a business.” says SaferMe’s CEO Clint Van Marrewijk

“Where a card solution really shines is when workers may not have smartphones, or where the use of a phone may not be appropriate, like on a manufacturing floor, warehouse or clean environment.”

SaferMe is funded by MBIE to make its phone-based contact tracing apps freely available to New Zealand businesses. During the April peak of the New Zealand outbreak, the SaferMe app was used by hundreds of New Zealand businesses. The company has since been selling its product primarily in the United States.

“The SaferMe card solution is for business use specifically” Says Van Marrewijk

“Our goal is to stop the spread of the virus inside a business between employees because that is where there’s a real chance for contact tracing technology to have an impact.”

It’s also a great solution for customers who are concerned about privacy.

“The card is completely secure. There is no personally identifiable information on the card and all information on the card is encrypted. From a privacy perspective, contact cards are a very low-risk solution.”

SaferMe is thriving export business with customers around the world “Given the state of the pandemic we have seen huge interest out of the United States market, and we have already sold thousands of contact tracing cards to businesses and schools in the United States” said Mr Van Marrewijk

“Closer to home, we have seen the Government put contact tracing cards into managed isolation facilities. We are happy to serve New Zealand business too, by being able to provide a contact card to all businesses that want it.”

About SaferMe

SaferMe has emerged as a leader in contact tracing for business use. 2020 has been a busy year for the company, after being selected by the New Zealand Government to provide business contact tracing via the MBIE Covid-19 response fund; opening a new office in Austin, Texas; unprecedented client growth - including Fortune 500 clients; being highlighted by the World Health Organization (WHO) for contact tracing capabilities, and winning New Product of the Year in America’s OH&S Magazine Safety Awards.

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