How to easily get contractors to complete a site safety induction

6 May 2021 · Shannon Smith

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Safety indusction via QR code scan at construction site

Businesses face challenges getting external contractors to complete a site safety induction.

Your business may have a safety system with some type of safety induction built-in. The problem is that there is often no way for external third parties to complete it.

These people and your business are at risk when they fail to complete a safety induction.

With SaferMe, you can have people outside of your organisation complete an on-site safety induction.

QR code powered safety inductions to the rescue

Using SaferMe, you can place QR code-powered induction forms at the entrance to a workplace. 

Contractors can scan the QR code to quickly access site induction forms. A form can contain information about hazards and procedures on site. 

Your contractors can add their details to acknowledge that they have completed their safety induction. 

As a business, you have a record of this acknowledgment and know that this person is safer.

Only for Contractors?

No way! Any person who does not access SaferMe's app but visits your workplace can benefit. 

This could include:

  • People from head office
  • Delivery drivers
  • Utility providers
  • The health and safety inspector

With SaferMe, you can make a full suite of safety forms 

The power of QR codes does not stop with safety induction forms. 

We can produce QR codes for any form you need. For example:

  • Machinery service forms
  • Equipment startup checklists
  • Fit for work reports
  • And many more

Book a meeting with one of our solution specialists to learn how we can help your organisation.

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