WorkSafe Covid-19 guidance points to contact tracing importance

24 November 2021 · Mike Steere

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The important role of workplace contact tracing has been highlighted by new vaccine guidance from New Zealand’s WorkSafe authority

WorkSafe has released guidance detailing how to risk assess the spread of Covid-19 in workplaces, in order to determine whether employers should consider a vaccine mandate.

In its information, the authority shares key risk factors for businesses to consider as Covid becomes a health and safety issue of increasing significance for companies to manage.

Here’s a quote from WorkSafe’s website:

“Consider these risk factors:

  • How many people does the employee carrying out that work come into contact with? (very few = lower risk; many = higher risk)
  • How easy will it be to identify the people who the employee comes into contact with? (easy to identify, such as co-workers = lower risk; difficult to identify, such as unknown members of public = higher risk)
  • How close is the employee carrying out the tasks in proximity to other people? (2 metres or more in an outdoor space = lower risk; close physical contact in an indoor environment = higher risk)
  • How long does the work require the employee to be in that proximity to other people? (brief contact = lower risk; lengthy contact = higher risk).”

The guidance goes on to list further factors and suggest how vaccine decisions can be framed.

What these key factors highlight is the important role of automated contact tracing solutions for business. How many people a person has contact with, how easy it is to identify these people, how close they were, and for how long, are all questions answered by SaferMe’s contact tracing cards.

SaferMe’s Bluetooth wearable contact cards enable you to quickly determine who had close contact with whom on your worksites. It measures close contacts to reduce unnecessary isolation of workers. It also helps prevent Covid clusters developing internally by isolating the right people. 

SaferMe has already been implemented in New Zealand by well-known brands like Goodman Fielder, DB Breweries, Sistema Plastics and many more.

Book a demo of SaferMe’s contact tracing solution for businesses now - book a demo here.

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